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Hello! I'm Helindu Danuththara, a 19-year-old residing in the vibrant city of Galle. Currently, I am passionately engaged in the world of freelancing, specializing in video editing. With over 4 years of hands-on experience in this dynamic field, I've honed my skills to deliver compelling and visually captivating content. In addition to my freelancing endeavors, I am pursuing a degree in Cyber Security at SITC Campus, where my academic journey aligns with my fascination for the digital realm. As I delve into the intricacies of cyber security, I am constantly expanding my knowledge to contribute meaningfully to this evolving field.


What I Do.

As a freelance video editor, I offer a versatile range of services to elevate your visual content. From expert video cutting to seamless arrangement, I ensure a polished finish. Specializing in color correction and grading, I enhance the overall visual appeal. As a freelancer, I'm flexible, responsive, and provide post-production support, including sound design and quality control. Whether you're seeking a creative collaborator, specialized editing assistance, or a reliable partner for your project, I bring a dedicated and tailored approach to every opportunity, ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. Join me on this exciting journey where creativity meets technology, and let's create something extraordinary together!

Music Videos

We specialize in crafting exceptional music videos just for you. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to quality, we bring your musical vision to life in a visually stunning and engaging way. Trust us to deliver outstanding results that capture the essence of your music and elevate your artistic presence.


We excel in creating captivating TikTok video edits tailored just for you. Trust us to enhance your content with dynamic and engaging edits that stand out on the TikTok platform. Let's make your TikTok presence unforgettable together

Promo Videos

Elevate your brand with our expert promo video edits. We craft visually compelling and impactful content that effectively promotes your message. Let us bring your brand to life with standout promo videos that leave a lasting impression.

Social Media Video

Transform your social media presence with our standout video content. We specialize in creating engaging and shareable videos that capture attention across various platforms. Let us elevate your brand with dynamic social media videos that make an impact.


Check Out Featured Projects.

Check out my featured video editing projects below for a glimpse into my creative world. Each project is a unique blend of innovation and storytelling, showcasing my skills in transforming ideas into visually compelling narratives. Explore the dynamic fusion of visuals and sound that brings stories to life in a captivating way.

What They Say About Me.

  • Helindu always dedicates himself to give the best videos. He is very enthusiastic about his art and he always delivers way before deadline.

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    Supun Wijesundera CEO, REEL FUSION STUDIO
  • Helindu Putha's work is excellent, and I am very happy about it. You are doing great work and completing your tasks; I am happy with that. I am very happy for him.

    Author image
    Colombo Dhamma Friend of Mahamevnawa Shraddha TV
  • An excellent Editor I have seen at this age.

    Author image
    Zany Inzane Rapper @Crowmafia
  • Easy to work with, very diligent and agile person.

    Author image
    Jemaa Sound Engineer & CEO @Crowmafia
  • I'm very happy to work with him, he goes above and beyond my expectations and makes great videos, a great video editor, I've seen, great work.

    Author image
    Amali Samarakon CEO of Ma think YouTube Channel & Child Physiatrists
  • Oh my goodness, Helindu is the best!!!! He was recommended to me by his colleague and I am so glad that I listened and went ahead to work with Helindu on my project. This is the first of many and I will definitely be back. Helindu took my project to a whole new level. He went far and beyond to deliver results far beyond expectations. Thank you Helindu for an excellent music video. I highly recommend Helindu. You won't be disappointed! His work is excellent!!!

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    pcash1 Foreign client


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